About Happy Mail

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A Labor of Love

This venture was born at the beginning of quarantine, 2020. Stuck at home, recently out of a job and surrounded by people whose joy and freedom seemed to have been sucked out of their lives, I knew I wanted to do something to help. Contributing to the mask and BLM efforts helped me feel better and more “a part,” but what I really wanted was to spark pure joy in others, if only for a moment.

Happy Mail seemed like the answer. It combined a meditative letter that would take the reader away from their life for a few minutes, along with a few simple art items: a print to hang or pin to a board, a sticker to place on a loved item and gaze at, a “scrappy packet” of scrapbooking and snail mailing supplies lent to a later creative effort. I spent time considering each of these items and its place in the recipient’s life, with the intention that each bring cheer in its own way.


Each month’s letter focuses on a different topic, frequently dipping into my favorite books for inspiration. We’ve discussed the nature of joy, the importance of becoming a spacefaring species, the powerful role of fantasy in our mental health, travel, food, cultural inclusion and more. I hope to expand on these topics in coming months and years – especially with an eye toward diverse literature.


As a dedicated pen pal of people across the world – ranging from the Netherlands to Serbia, New Zealand to Canada – I absolutely LOVE opening up the mailbox and seeing a pretty letter waiting inside. For that reason, I also committed to making the letter beautiful outside as well as in. Each piece of mail comes with unique and often vintage stamps perfect for a collection, and is adorned with washi tape, ink stamps and hand-tipped drawings. Enjoy your name calligraphed on the front as well!


In short, each letter is a grab bag of quirky, epistolary goodness. Happy Mail combines several of my shop products into an affordable package that costs way less than buying them all separately. Plus, shipping is free – so you can enjoy happy mail even if you reside in a country with prohibitive delivery costs. After living in Belize, I know how important this is to lovers of bookish beauty!


Make sure to check back each month for new letters, new stickers and new scrapbooking supplies. :)

About Sarah


I was raised on books. When I was younger, my mom read us the classics: Stuart Little, The Borrowers, the Little House books. As I got older, my dad introduced me to high fantasy authors like David Eddings and Terry Brooks. The love never left me, and once I grew up I joined the bustling, thriving community that is #Bookstagram, where I found a like-minded cadre of bookworms just waiting to reignite that spark.

A few years ago, I started to paint in response to a personal crisis and found it therapeutic to focus on my favorite subjects: nature, magic, the universe and books. A lot – and I do mean a LOT – of work resulted in a short amount of time, and I decided to do something with it all. Thus was my Etsy shop born, and though the crisis is past, my love of this business remains! I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. Please let me know what you’ve enjoyed, what else you’d like to see, and any materials or motifs you think I should consider using in my work.


Today I live in Oregon, with my husband, two children, and cats Deet and Gretchen. I am inspired by books, nature, astrology and magic. When I'm not working or reading, I love hiking, cooking and writing.

Have Questions?


If you have a question, please check out my FAQs page first. Most of the usual inquiries I get are answered there, including questions about mailing times, corrections and cancellations, and repping for me.

If you want to follow me on Instagram, you can find that here or at the bottom of my site. For further help, please email me at hihihappymail(at)gmail(dot)com. Cheers!