Frequently Asked Questions

When will my happy mail ship?

Letters go out the 10th of each month for everyone who is already subscribed or who subscribes before that date. For new subscribers who sign up after the 10th, letters will go out weekly. That means if you sign up in the second half of the month, your letter *may* arrive the following month, depending on the mail. After that, your letter will go out the 10th and you will get it the same month.

What if I want to order happy mail as a gift?

Simply put in your recipient’s address instead! If you want to order as a one-time gift, either choose a past month or sign up and then cancel before the next billing cycle. Though keep in mind, that’s a LOT of future happiness your loved one will miss out on.

What if I want a letter for myself AND a friend?

That’s fine, but you will need to put the order through separately. If you order more than one letter in the same order, they’ll go to the same place. Thank you for understanding!

Can I send happy mail to a family?

Yes! Just write “The Sullivan Family,” for instance, in the name field rather than a specific individual.

What is the recommended age range for happy mail?

Happy Mail makes everyone happy, and plenty of kiddos enjoy opening the letters. However, I recommend that anyone younger than 12 be accompanied by an adult. Some of the letters contain tougher themes stemming from adult literature. Parents of younger children often like to let their kids open and enjoy the craft supplies and print, then keep the letter to themselves. That's not to say the letters are inappropriate - they're not at all! If you are concerned, the best idea is to read it yourself for a month or two and then decide.

What is included in happy mail and how much does it cost?

Happy Mail comes in four variations:

  • $13 Basic: This is the standard I’ve offered for more than a year. It includes a letter, 5x7 print, scrappy packet and vinyl decal.
  • $16 Deluxe: The same as above, plus an additional 5x7 print. This print is not guaranteed to be new (unlike the first one), but I do my best to choose from a wide range of past prints so you’re less likely to get duplicates. If you do, you can always gift to a friend!
  • $8 Mini: Mini mail includes just the letter and decal. It’s perfect for those who love getting something in the mailbox but want a scaled-down version to enjoy each month. Save those stickers for water bottles, laptops and stocking stuffers!
  • $16 Scrappy: Scrappy mail subs out the print for an additional scrappy packet. These are very labor intensive compared to prints, hence the price increase.

You can find out more about all of these on their individual pages in the shop.

What is a scrappy packet?

A collection of 12-16 small paper items, stickers and ephemera around 3 x 3 inches, give or take. These are for scrapbooking, bullet journaling, art journaling or card-making purposes. They are NOT cards and envelopes of their own.

What happens if I move?

Log into your account and change your address before the 10th of the month. If you forget, your mail forwarding should take care of it; simply do so before the 10th of the next month.

What happens if I give you the wrong address?

You can contact me, and if I have not yet fulfilled your order that month, I will happily correct it. If I have, I cannot be responsible for the cost, though you can order a past month letter and leave me a note that it is a replacement for this month.

NOTE: I will only honor the second solution for current subscribers. This will not work to purchase the current month on a non-subscription basis. The only way to get current-month letters is to subscribe. If you give me the wrong address more than once, I will not be able to accommodate your request further.

What happens if my happy mail gets lost?

I will refund ONE month of lost Happy Mail. Honor system, please. If it happens again, I will not refund further. At that point, you can choose either to cancel your subscription or to accept the loss was beyond my control and continue.

I realized I want to cancel, but my letter already went out this month. What can I do?

Unfortunately, I cannot offer you a refund. Happy Mail is a venture operating on very slim margins, because I want to keep the service affordable for everyone, even overseas. You may cancel for the following month and – hopefully! – still enjoy this month’s letter.

Can I get variations of subscription levels for past months?

I’m sorry, but the only level I offer for past months is basic. This includes the letter, a print, a decal and a scrappy packet. Anything else is too difficult for me to keep up with.

Is happy mail good for the environment?

Arguably no subscription service based on shipping nonessential material items is “good” for the environment. However, with Happy Mail, I do my best. My envelopes are made of recycled paper. I use stamps rather than labels, since they use far less virgin materials. My scrappy packets include many paper goods recycled from previous projects, mail I have received, packaging and paper I get in the post, and so forth. I am working on upgrading my photo paper and cotton letter paper to a recycled version. Suggestions are welcome.

What is the first free letter?

When you first sign up for a subscription, I will include a random free letter from a past mailing. That means *one* letter, and does not include print, sticker or scrappy packet. It will be included in the same envelope as your first delivery. Unfortunately, I cannot at this time offer you your pick of letters, as I send the same past letter to every new subscriber that month.

Are your prints and decals always new?

Yes, in the sense that I have not yet included them in previous Happy Mail. On occasion, I do include a print or decal that has shown itself to be popular on my Etsy site, so if you are a current customer, there’s a slim possibility you may receive a duplicate. I’m a solo entrepreneur, and I simply can’t create enough content to guarantee otherwise.

Where can I find your Etsy site and how is it different than this one?

You can find it here. In my shop, I offer individual prints, stickers, stationery and hand-sewn goods rather than happy mail.

How do I cancel?

Simply log onto your account and cancel your order before the 10th of each month, which is when the billing cycle renews.

Can I rep for your company?

The best way to become one of my reps is to subscribe to happy mail and post about it on your feed or blog! That way I can see what kind of content you would create and decide whether we would be a good fit. Thank you for your interest in any case. :)

May I offer you a suggestion to make your service better?

Always! There is no guarantee I will take it, but I definitely appreciate your spending the time to pass ideas along.

Here are some of the most common questions I get about happy mail.

Please peruse before contacting me! If you cannot find what you need, feel free to email using the information below or on the Contact page. Thank you, and I wish you snail mail joy all year.

How is happy mail different from other snail mail subscriptions?

While I love and support all snail mail, happy mail does something different in that it includes art, stickers and crafting supplies. Not only can you read the letter (then read it again!), you can enjoy the ephemera that comes within all month while you wait for the next installment. Many people like to open Happy Mail, set the letter aside and enjoy the other contents, then read the letter when they need a pick-me-up. There's no wrong way to do it. :)